Colgate Wins Top Speaker Award at Binghamton

Just a month into the fall 2012 semester, six veteran Colgate debaters and nine First-year newcomers set off to debate at Binghamton University’s annual tournament. The team set out to ease the new debaters into BP Debate, as two new members paired up with veteran debaters, two debated as partners, and five newcomers served as wing judges. President Alexa Windsor ’13 and Srikar Gullapalli ’13Shannon Dillon ’15 and Anindya Guha ’15, Abrar Faiaz ’14 and Shivi Seksaria ’16Curt Mahoney ’14 and Twij Basant ’16, Lorelai Avram ’16 and Anna Proios ’16 debated motions ranging from economics to cultural and legal issues.

Colgate Debaters at SUNY BinghamtonFall 2012
Colgate Debaters at SUNY Binghamton

The team returned to Colgate with a few spoils. Twij Basant ’16 and Curt Mahoney ’14 broke to quarterfinals at the tournament. President Alexa Windsor ’13 and Srikar Gullapalli ’13 broke to semi-finals. To top the whole tournament off, Srikar Gullapalli ’13 won a Best Speaker Award.


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