Colgate Competes at Oxford University Intervarsity Tournament

On the weekend of Election Week six members of the debate team made the journey to debate at the Oxford University Intervarsity Tournament. Oxford is the birthplace of competitive British Parliamentary debate. It’s where the first student union was established as a debate society.

Colgate's Team at Oxford
Colgate’s Debaters at Oxford

Debate societies from many different countries were represented at the Oxford IV, including teams from Russia, France, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, China, India, and the United Kingdom. Colgate’s teams were comprised of Curt Mahoney ’14 and Kevin Costello ’16Dan Li ’14 and Lorelai Avram ’16, and Abrar Faiaz ’14 and Anna Proios ’16. With half of Colgate’s teams made up of first-year students, the Colgate Debate Society sought to introduce new promising debaters into world-class British Parliamentary debate. The team, along with the Debate Society’s coordinator John Adams, got to observe and compete against some of the world’s top debaters.  The debates covered a range of topics including weapon control, free speech, multinational corporations, and other economic and political topics.

Competing in the Oxford University IV was  a great experience for all of us! Much was learned and much will be remembered.


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