Colgate Reaches Novice Finals at Northeast Regionals

During the weekend of February 23-24, ten members of the Colgate
Debate Team traveled to Danbury, CT, for the Worlds Regional
Championship, held at Western Connecticut State University.

The novice teams Julia O’Neill’16 and Justin LaScalzo’16Madeline
Allen’16 and Jack Holland’13 and Lorelai Avram’16 and Kevin
Costello’16 debated in the competition, while Melissa Haller’16,
Lillie Laiks’15Anna Proios’16 and Yusra Siddique’16 judged.

Colgate at Regionals
Colgate at Regionals

The three teams debated topics such as imposing economic sanctions on
Saudi Arabia, allowing vigilante justice, permitting racist political
parties to stand for election, eliminating “the sin tax”, and obliging
countries to restore peace in their former colonies.

After six rounds, Kevin Costello’16 and Lorelai Avram’16 broke into
novice finals with 10 points, and had to argue against the motion that
police officers should receive harsher punishments for breaking the

In addition, Melissa Haller’16 and Anna Proios’16 broke as judges: they
were wing judges in one of the regular semifinals, and judged teams debating
whether the governments should give free drugs to those who are
already addicted.

Colgate’s off to the tournament at Ithaca College next weekend! Wish us luck!


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