Ithaca College Debate Tournament

The Colgate Debate Society sent six of its members to Ithaca College this past Saturday (3/2/13) to a small tournament, with Cornell, Colgate, SUNY Oneonta and University of Rochester competing. Because of its small size, the structure of the tournament was slightly unusual; it only lasted for one day, had four rounds and one grand final.

Colgate was represented by two debating teams, Julia O’Neill  ’16 and Yusra Siddique ’16, and Lorelai Avram ’16 and Anna Proios ’16 and two judges: Melissa Haller ’16 and Madeline Allen ’16.

The teams debated motions such as eliminating all private health care, allowing citizens sentenced for life without parole to opt for the death penalty, mandating that national sports teams represent the diversity of the represented country, and paying stay-at-home parents a wage.

Melissa Haller broke as a wing judge in the final, judging a debate between three Cornell teams and one Rochester team who debated for and against against military conscription.

A special shout-out goes to Maddie Allen for safely driving us on the snowy roads!


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