Colgate Successfully Competes At University of Binghamton!

During the weekend of September 20-22, 16 Colgate students traveled to compete in the Northeast Regional Opener tournament in Binghamton, New York.

Our successful Colgate team!
Our successful Colgate team!

The teams consisted of Julia O’neil ’16 and Maddie Allen ’16Javed Narejo ’14 and Anindya Guha ’15, Lorelai Avram ’16 and Takreem Siddiqui ’14Matt Reed ’17 and Adam Buys ’17, and Emily Luba ’16 and Ieva Steponaviciute ’17.  Judging at the tournament was Melissa Haller ’16, Bryan Dewan ’17, Michael Chavinda ’17, Rachel Neal ’16, and Vaso Papadopoulou ’16. 

The teams debated exciting and thought-provoking topics such as encouraging global nuclear proliferation, aggressively pursuing green energy, dropping the charges against  Edward Snowden, preserving the relationship between the Mets and radio, and allowing individuals to sell personal information on the internet for a profit.

Colgate teams in the final!
Colgate Teams in the Final!

After six preliminary rounds of debate, the teams of  Maddie Allen and Julia O’neil, Javed Narejo and Anindya Guha, Adam Buys and Matt Reed, and Takreem Siddiqui and Lorelai Avram all had enough points to make it to the Semi-Final round, in which they debated the motion”This house would aggressively fine news stations for publishing false reports.” After intense competition, Lorelai and Takreem, Maddie and Julia, and Adam and Matt all made it to the final round, where they had to debate whether or not morality could exist without a god. Colgate did not win the round, but everyone performed really well. To add to Colgate’s widespread success, Javed Narejo won the top speaker award for the whole tournament! Even our judges performed well, as Melissa Haller chaired the novice final with Michael Chavinda and Bryan Dewan breaking as wing judges. Great job, Colgate!

Javed and Annindya with their awards!
Javed and Annindya with their awards!


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