Colgate Takes on Tough Competition at Yale!

On the weekend of October 4-5, the Colgate debate team traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to participate in the Yale IV debate tournament. Colgate brought five teams and four judges.

The teams consisted of Julia O’Neil ’16 and Maddie Allen ’16, Lorelai Avram ’16 and Michael Chavinda ’17, Anna Proios ’16 and Curt Mahoney ’14, Matt Reed ’17 and Adam Buys ’17, and Kevin Costello ’16 and Antoinette Nwabunnia ’17. Emily Luba ’16, Vaso Papadopoulou ’16, Maria Chen ’17, and Xi Chun ’16 participated as judges.

Emily, Maddie, and Kevin Explore New Haven!

Colgate participated in five rounds of debate, in which topics such as encouraging history teachers to overemphasize contributions of marginalized groups, allowing torture for certain criminal offenses, encouraging Islamic oil exporting states to place embargoes on states who discriminate against Muslims, requiring low wage employees to unionize, and supporting the overthrow of democratically elected authoritarian heads of state were discussed.

Adam, Matt, and Maddie between rounds

Lorelai and Anna!

Yale is the largest, most competitive tournament that Colgate has competed in this year. Even though no awards were won, Colgate’s teams had the opportunity to work with some of the best judges and debaters across the nation, and everyone had a great experience participating in the rounds.


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