Colgate Debate Competes at Oxford University!

On November 6-10, the Colgate debate team traveled to Oxford, United Kingdom to compete at the Oxford IV.  Colgate brought three teams and three judges to the tournament.

Debating were the teams of Lorelai Avram ’16 and Takreem Siddiqui ’14, Javed Narejo ’14 and Anindya Guha ’15, and Matt Reed ’17 and Adam Buys ’17. Melissa Haller ’16, Anna Proios ’16, and Devankit Sahoo ’14 attended the tournament as judges.

The debate team at the Oxford Union!

The teams had the opportunity to debate interesting topics such as providing mobile teachers for the children of travelling communities, establishing redistributive tax codes in developed countries, banning gender testing in pro sports, requiring major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees, and requiring national war memorials to commemorate casualties on all sides of the conflict.

The debate team in the Oxford debate chamber!

After five preliminary rounds of debate, Lorelai Avram and Takreem Siddiqui earned enough points to compete in the ESL (English as a second language) semi final round, where they debated whether political parties should adopt non-hierarchical organisational structures! Additionally, Matt Reed and Adam Buys competed in the novice final round, in which they debated whether judges in criminal trials should more heavily weigh the testimony of victims. Both teams debated very well.  Adam and Matt placed second in the novice final, and Lorelai and Takreem did not move on to the ESL final, but placed fifth in the ESL category overall. The weekend as a whole was a great experience for all who attended, as the team had the opportunity to debate with some of the best debaters from around the world while exploring England and the city of Oxford. The Colgate Debate Society is very proud of how well everyone competed at the tournament!

Lorelai and Anna!

Matt and Adam before the novice final!

Colgate Competes at the University of Vermont’s Huber Debates!

On the weekend of November 1-3, the Colgate Debate Team traveled to Burlington, Vermont to compete in the Huber Debates at the University of Vermont. Colgate took three teams and two judges.

Debating were the teams of Madeline Allen ’16 and Kevin Costello ’16, Michael Chavinda ’17 and Daniel Messner ’17, and Ross Provolo ’14 and Sebastian Chan ’14. Emily Luba ’16 and Devankit Sahoo ’14 attended as judges.

The team eagerly awaits arrival in Vermont!

The teams had the opportunity to debate exciting topics such as prohibiting the paying of human subjects, making US foreign aid to South America not conditional on coca eradication, replacing all forms of welfare benefits with an unconditional living wage, preferring a state without a written constitution, subsidizing feminist pornography, and requiring morality clauses in the contracts of all public employees.

The Colgate Team with 1975 Alum Julia Bergeron!

At the end of the tournament, no teams broke. However, everyone performed really well in the face of intense competition. Maddie and Kevin finished with 11 points, Sebastian and Ross finished with 10 points, and Michael and Daniel finished with 9 points. Furthermore, the team had the exciting opportunity to meet up with Class of 1975 Colgate Alum Julia Bergeron, with whom the team shared their Colgate experiences, and gained insight into Colgate’s early years as a coeducational institution. Overall, the team had a great weekend in Vermont!