Colgate Goes to Cambridge!

On November 13-17, Colgate sent three teams to Cambridge, United Kingdom to debate in the Cambridge IV!

The teams of Maddie Allen ’16 and Julia O’neil ’16, Ross Provolo ’14 and Sebastian Chan ’14, and Michael Chavinda ’17 and Daniel Messner ’17 attended the tournament for Colgate.

Colgate Debate at Cambridge University!

The teams debated for five exciting rounds, arguing for topics such as giving primates and cetaceans the same rights to life, freedom from physical harm, and freedom of movement as humans, allowing developed countries to set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centers, supporting  the US continued targeting of leaders of the Tehrite-Taliban, breaking up banks like Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase, and HSBC that are deemed too big to fail, and banning religious charities from actively seeking to convert non-believers.

Michael and Daniel in the Cambridge Union!

After five difficult rounds against debaters from around the world, no teams broke, but all debaters had a great experience abroad. The trip itself was an adventure for Colgate, as the team spent more time travelling than they did actually debating. On the way to England, the teams missed their flight from Washington D. C. to England, and stayed in a hotel for the night. On the way back, the same thing occurred. That time, the teams stayed with Sebastian Chan’s parents, and had a great time touring Washington D.C. after their weekend spent travelling through Cambridge and London. Everyone really made the best of the situation, and had an amazing trip in the process.

Daniel, Julia, and Maddie sightseeing in DC!