Colgate is Successful at Sydne Landon IV and Wins Novice National Championships!

On the weekend of February 7-9, Colgate sent four teams and four judges to compete at Ithaca College. Two tournaments took place simultaneously: the Novice National Championships for the novice division, and the Sydne Landon IV for the open division.

Competing in the novice tournament was the team of Adam Buys’17 and Matt Reed’17. The teams of Madeline Allen ’16 and Lorelai Avram ’16, Luke Luttmann  and Kevin Costello ’16, and Michael Chavinda ’17 and Takreem Siddiqui ’14 competed in the open division. Melissa Haller ’16, Anna Proios ’16, Jeremy Garson ’16, and Misha Vebrova ’16 judged for Colgate.

The Colgate Team!

The teams had the opportunity to debate motions such as, This house believes that feminists should reject all forms of body modification, This house believes that capital punishment is a legitimate tool of the state’s judicial apparatus, This house, as NATO, would use military force to prevent the further construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, This house believes that the state should financially incentivise the poor to not have children, and This house would ban “Union Shops” and “Agency Shops.”

Colgate’s Amazing Novice Team!

Novice Results: Colgate is happy to announce that Adam Buys and Matt Reed came first overall in the novice division, breaking first after preliminaries and ultimately winning the final round. Matt was awarded the third place novice speaker award, and Adam was the first place novice speaker. We’re so proud of our successful novice team!

Our Successful Open Team!

Open Results: Colgate had more success in the open division! The team of Luke Luttmann and Kevin Costello broke fourth overall, and competed in the Semi-final round. Although they did not go through to the final, they faced tough competition and debated very well. Luke was also awarded the 6th place speaker award! Colgate judges also did well, with many of them having the opportunity to chair preliminary rounds, including  Anna Proios and Jeremy Garson.  Melissa Haller  broke as a judge, chairing an Open Semi-final round, and judging as a panelist in the Open Final.

Colgate’s Judges!

Congrats to Colgate on a strong start to the Spring debate season!


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