Colgate Debate Travels to Montreal to Compete in the North American Women’s Tournament!

On the weekend of February 14-16, the Colgate Debate Society sent one team and two judges to compete in the 2014 North American Women’s Debate Tournament, hosted by McGill University in Montreal. This is a unique tournament that featured all-women debate teams from across the United States and Canada.

The team of Madeline Allen ’16 and Anna Proios ’16 debated. Vaso Papadopoulou ’16 and Luke Luttmann ’15 attended as judges.

Colgate’s Debate Team!

The teams participated in five rounds, debating exciting topics such as banning religious and ethnic parties from running for election in developing democracies, regretting commercialization and mainstream popularization of Graffiti, whether NATO should maintain a standing army, to which all members must contribute a minimum number of troops, preferring a society with an active Court of Public Opinion to one without, and banning  employers from creating contracts which prohibit employees from expressing their political opinions publicly.

Colgate’s team had an amazing time debating against outstanding female teams and considering issues of women’s equality within the context of debate. They even attended a women’s forum and learned about some issues of equality in the Canadian circuit and how they have addressed them. Everyone had a positive experience overall. The weekend was a success!


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