Colgate Attends Northeast Regionals in Connecticut

On the weekend of February 22-23, Colgate brought five teams and three judges to compete at the Northeast Regional Debate Championships at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Ct.

The teams of Madeline Allen ’16 and Julia O’neil ’16, Luke Luttmann ’15 and Daniel Messner ’17, Melissa Haller ’16 and Lorelai Avram ’16, Adam Buys ’17 and Kevin Costello ’16, and Anna Proios ’16 and Emily Luba ’16 competed at the tournament. Michael Chavinda ’17, Bryan Dewan ’17, and Maria Chen ’17 judged for Colgate.

The happy Colgate team!

The teams debated interesting topics such as preventing juries from talking to the media after trials have been decided, eliminating tenure in universities, imposing a 100% death and inheritance tax, supporting violence in the event that a government responds to peaceful protesters with force, eliminating the reservation system for Native Americans in the United States, and, supposing that Obama had an affair, choosing not to print the story in the national media.

Luke and Daniel!

After six rounds, the team of Luke Luttmann and Daniel Messner broke fifth, and Adam Buys and Kevin Costello broke sixth overall. Both teams participated in the quarterfinal round. Luke and Daniel also moved forward into the semi-final. Both teams performed very well in the face of tough competition. Additionally, Luke received the tenth place speaker award. Daniel won the third place novice speaker award, and Adam won the fifth place novice speaker award. Colgate judges also had a great tournament, with Michael Chivinda  chairing preliminary rounds. Congratulations to the successful teams!

Adam and Kevin!


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