Colgate Wins the Novice Final at USU Debate Championship 2014!

On the weekend of April 11-13, the Colgate Debate Society brought three teams and four judges to compete in the US Universities Debate Championships at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. This national debate tournament is one of the most competitive in the United States, and the Colgate team had an amazing experience participating among some of the best debaters and judges in the world.

Representing Colgate were the teams of Daniel Messner ’17 and Adam Buys ’17, Melissa Haller ’16 and Luke Luttmann ’15, and Kevin Costello ’16 and Lorelai Avram ’16. Madeline Allen ’16, Anna Proios ’16, Emily Luba ’16, and Bryan Dewan ’17 attended the tournament as judges.

The Colgate Team!

There were six exciting preliminary rounds. Colgate had the opportunity to debate interesting topics such as supporting doctors who turn away patients who refuse to get vaccinated for religious or philosophical reasons, believing that feminism should actively exclude socially conservative viewpoints, prohibiting the establishment and operation of Israeli companies within Palestinian borders, allowing Supreme Court justices to be removed by popular referendum, not consuming art produced by artists who are deeply immoral, and making poverty a significant mitigating factor in criminal sentences.

Colgate Judges Anna and Emily!

Melissa, Daniel, and Madeline explore Purdue!

At the end of preliminary rounds, the team of Daniel Messner and Adam Buys were the first place breaking novice team in the novice final. They debated the motion, “This House would expand the jurisdiction of tribal courts to include non-tribal members who commit crimes on the reservation.” In the end, Colgate won the round! Additionally, Adam won the third place novice speaker award, and Daniel won the second place novice speaker award. It was also a great weekend for Colgate judges! Anna Proios chaired a round and broke as a judge into octofinals. Overall, it was a successful weekend for Colgate, and a great way to end the season!

Daniel and Adam!


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