Colgate Debate has a Successful Start to the 2014-15 Debate Season at Bard!

Over the weekend of September 19-21, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY to compete in the first tournament of the season! Colgate brought three team pairings that consisted of experienced and novice debaters, as well as three judges, to the tournament.

The Colgate Team! (Plus Jacob Senghas of Vermont)

The teams of Luke Luttmann ’15 and Rohan Nagpal ’18, Madeline Allen ’16 and Jing Chu ’18, and Daniel Messner ’17 and Erin Lai ’18 debated for Colgate. Julia O’Neil ’16, Melissa Haller ’16, and Michael Chavinda ’17 represented Colgate as judges.

Colgate’s Wonderful Judges!

The pro-am teams had the opportunity to learn more about the format of British Parliamentary debate while debating five exciting topics, including “This house would randomly assign official first names at birth,” “This house believes that countries of the world should create and participate in a global cap and trade system,” “This house would boycott the National Football League,” “This house believes that funding for aboriginal art should prioritize contemporary over traditional art forms,” and “This house believes that Scotland should have voted for independence.”

Colgate NL After Breaking 9th!

At the end of the preliminary rounds, Luke and Rohan broke 9th in the tournament, competing in the quarter and semi-final rounds! Michael also broke as a wing judge, judging in the other semi-final round. Overall, Colgate had a fantastic first tournament, which was both successful and a great learning experience for new and experienced debaters alike! Congrats to all who attended! We are now looking forward to the challenging competition at Yale in two weeks.