Colgate Makes it to Finals at Vermont!

On the weekend of October 31-November 2, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to Burlington, VT to compete at the University of Vermont’s 2014 Huber Debate tournament. Colgate brought two teams and two judges to the tournament.

The team of Luke Luttmann ’15 and Daniel Messner ’17 as well as the team of Melissa Haller ’16 and Madeline Allen ’16 competed for Colgate as debaters. Alex Taylor ’18 and Romario Lobban ’18 attended the tournament as judges.

The Colgate Team!

The teams had the opportunity to debate exciting and challenging topics, including THW return all cultural treasures to their places of origin, THBT it is in China’s best interest to let Hong Kong freely elect its leaders, THW, as environmentalists, support the integration of green goals with consumer culture, THBT states should not use education institutions to instill patriotism, and THBT states should suspend democratic elections during economic crisis.

Colgate LM!

After five preliminary rounds of debate, Luke and Daniel broke forth. They competed in quarters, semis, and finals, debating the topics, “THW nationalize pharmaceuticals,” “THBT the global community should abandon its focus on nuclear non-proliferation,” and “TH regrets the emphasis on marriage equality in the gay rights movement.” Luke also received the sixth place speaker award. Overall, Colgate had an incredibly successful weekend!