Colgate Participates in the Cambridge IV and Women’s Open!

Over the weekend of November 20-23, the Colgate Debate society had the exciting opportunity to travel back to the United Kingdom to participate both in the 2014 Cambridge IV, as well as the first annual Norton Rose Fullbright Cambridge Women’s Open tournament. Representing Colgate for the weekend was the team of Madeline Allen ’16 and Melissa Haller ’16. 

For Cambridge IV, the team debated challenging topics including, “Thw not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes (eg theft),” “TH as a superhero W agree to use their powers solely in service of the democratic state,” “THS the objectification of men in popular culture,” and “THBT Western foreign policy should abandon attempts to universalize liberal values.”

The Cambridge Women’s Open also featured interesting and exciting motions, such as “THW legalize the buying and selling of sexual services,” “THBT football fans should boycott the 2022 world cup in Qatar,” “THBT the US and Iran should ally to fight ISIS,” and “THW aggressively financially incentivise the enrollment of female students in areas with low female enrollment.”

Maddie and Melissa had the amazing opportunity to debate among some of the most talented speakers in the world, as well as to be a part of an emerging debate tournament tradition aimed at promoting women’s voices within the global arena of British Parliamentary debate. Overall, Colgate had an amazing weekend!

Melissa and Maddie in Cambridge!

Colgate Competes at the Oxford IV!

Over the weekend of November 14-16, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to Oxford University in the United Kingdom to participate in the 2014 Oxford IV tournament.

The teams of Luke Luttmann ’15 and Daniel Messner ’17, Adam Buys ’17 and Kevin Costello ’16, and Faith Ruppert ’18 and Rohan Nagpal ’18 represented Colgate at the tournament.

The Colgate Contingent!

The teams had the exciting opportunity to debate challenging topics, including “This house believes that in order for a law to be enacted, it should have to be passed by the legislature and then by a body chosen at random from eligible voters,” “This house believes that press agencies should not purchase or publish the work of freelance war reporters,” “This house believes the EU should suspend Hungary’s membership rights,” “This house,as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr,” and “This house would deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic-based membership or platforms.”

The Colgate teams debated with some of the best teams from around the world and had the opportunity to explore Oxford and the United Kingdom. It was an incredible experience for everyone involved!