Colgate Competes at Yale!

Over the weekend of October 2-4, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to compete in the Yale IV Debate Tournament. Colgate brought four teams and three judges to the tournament.

The teams of Daniel Messner ’17 and Kevin Costello ’16, Julia O’Neil ’16 and Alex Taylor ’18, John Eddins ’18 and James Hurst ’18, and Matt Kato ’19 and Marlynna Blumer ’19 debated for Colgate. Maria Amorosso ’18, Hayley Arlin ’18, and Siena Frost ’19 attended the tournament as judges.

All teams had the opportunity to debate exciting and challenging motions, including, “THW ban religious K-12 schools,” “THBT voters should be able to override the votes of their elected representative on individual bills by two-thirds or greater referendum,” “THBT developed nations should pay reparations to developing nations that have experienced significant adverse consequences from climate change,” “TH rejects the media’s intentional humanization of those responsible for heinous acts or crimes,” “THBT the US should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,” and “Given the existence of a drug that dramatically increases mental capacity, THBT universities should ban and test for student use of the drug.”

Yale is one of the most challenging and competitive tournaments in the United States, and is a great opportunity for students to practice their debating skills and learn from some of the best debaters in the world. Although none of our teams broke, it was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We’re looking forward to putting our newly honed skills to the test when we compete at HWS next weekend!


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