Colgate Takes Europe Part 1: The Oxford IV 2015

Over the weekend of November 11-15, the Colgate Debate Society traveled overseas to compete at the Oxford IV in the UK. Colgate brought three teams and one judge to compete. Oxford is one of the most challenging tournaments that Colgate attends, and is an incredible opportunity for Colgate Debaters to debate against and judge some of the best teams in the world.

The teams of Melissa Haller ’16 and Adam Buys ’17, Kevin Costello ’16 and Alex Taylor ’18, and Rohan Chaudhari ’19 and Matt Kato ’19 competed for Colgate as debaters. Shemuel Malave ’18 attended the tournament as a judge.

Colgate in the Oxford Union

Colgate had the opportunity to debate some interesting and challenging motions, including, “THW Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools,” “THBT US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families,” “THW end penalty enhancements for hate crimes,””THBT Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia,” and “THW allow opponents of abortion to sign legally-binding contracts with pregnant women, in which they pay those pregnant women not to have an abortion.”

Although no Colgate teams broke, Oxford was an excellent opportunity for Colgate students to practice their debate skills in a competitive, international setting. We also had the opportunity to explore Oxford and get to know debaters from all over the world, a truly unique opportunity. Overall, it was a fantastic and valuable weekend, and we hope that Colgate has just as great of an experience in Cambridge next weekend!



Colgate Debates in Vermont!

On the weekend of November 6-8, the Colgate Debate Society traveled to Burlington, Vermont to compete in the University of Vermont’s Huber Debates. Colgate brought one team and three judges.

The team of Daniel Messner ’17 and Madeline Allen ’16 debated for Colgate. Melissa Haller ’16, Siena Frost ’19, and Faith Ruppert ’18 attended the tournament as judges.

The Colgate Team

The team had the opportunity to debate exciting topics, including “THW end all programs aimed at preserving endangered languages,” “TH regrets the strong promotion of people declaring their sexual orientation (e.g. National Coming Out Day) as an advocacy strategy by LGBTQ movements,” “THBT, following the resolution of domestic armed conflicts, prominent members of groups who fought against the state should be prohibited from running for public office,” “TH regrets the inclusion of religious symbols in memorial sites,” and “TH supports the universal legalization of polyamorous unions.”

Colgate AM

After five competitive rounds of debate, Daniel and Madeline broke 12th at the tournament, debating in the quarter final round. They debated the topic, “TH, as a progressive judge, presiding over the Marine Le Pen trial, would adopt reasoning that was plausible, but which you believe to be unsound, in order to justify a conviction.” After a challenging debate, the team did not move forward; however, everyone involved had a great tournament and we’re incredibly proud of our performance during the course of the weekend. Keep up the good work, Colgate!